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Five Simple Tips to Save Money in San Francisco

Don’t let the big city eat up your cash

Many of us have fond memories of Tony Bennett’s version of “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” but if we live there or have to stay there for any time, we don’t want to leave all our money behind there as well. Consequently we have put together these tips to make life in the City by the bay more pleasurable and less costly and demonstrate that it is indeed possible to save money in San Francisco.

Tip No 1: Strive hard and live hard

Obviously you want to go for the best paying job that you can achieve with the best conditions. But keep the attitude of still having a lower paid job and live accordingly! That way you can use any spare dollars that you have to either reducing debt or increasing savings.

Tip No 2: Don’t be alone out there

This doesn’t apply if you are married or in a permanent relationship. But if not, face the facts that living alone is exceptionally expensive. If you can find someone who you can share costs, you can make big savings – in the area of $750 a month.

Tip No 3: Be aware of what’s on offer

Why not take advantage of free fun such as free art, music, film screenings, literary readings, parks, beaches, fitness classes, and more. Just make a quick Google search to see what freebies are on offer in San Francisco. And don’t forget to find out which are the free museum days.

Tip No 4: Learn to shop on a budget

This is really important wherever you may live but especially if you want to save money in San Francisco or some similar place. You have to learn that budget shopping doesn’t mean you going hungry, thirsty or dressing in rags but it does require you to list the purchases that you really need and determine to stick to them. Shopping by internet cuts out expensive impulse buying.

Tip No 5: Keep it local

Cultivate local budget stores and (cheap) eating places. That way you save on big city center costs and you cut down on transportation as well.

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