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Get a Loan Even With Bad Credit

How Does Bad Credit Affect Me?

Having bad or no credit can be a major pothole in your process to securing a loan. Simply put, the lenders see you as unreliable and a major risk to them in making the loan repayments. Fitting the general lending guidelines required by most banks and other lending institutions is difficult and won’t come easy to you unless you manage to improve your credit rating. In the mean time there are loans for people with bad credit in San Francisco that are less hard to secure.

a Safe Answer to Bad Credit

Car title loans are easy to secure for the owner of a bad credit score. These are popular loans for people with bad credit. As simply put, we don’t bring your credit into account when approving your loan. This loan is secured purely using your car as collateral. Many people take this type of loan and use the cash to pay their bills or use it for any other purpose. You can be sure we won’t bother you with questions about the ways you’re planning to spend the money.

Additional Benefits

So you can apply for a car title loan even with a bad credit score. But the benefits don’t end here. After getting approved for a title loan, you’ll keep driving the car. While we become the lien holders, you’ll continue driving like you always did. Once the loan is payed in full, the title returns to you.

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